Thursday, March 25, 2010

I read too much

The Deadly Art of Nonliving

"The trouble with most of us isn't active or deliberate wickedness; it's lethargy, absence of caring, lack of involvement in life. To keep our bodies comfortable and well-fed and entertained seems to be all that matters. But the more successful we are at this, the more entombed the soul becomes in solid, immovable flesh. We no longer hear the distant trumpet and go toward it; we listen to the pipes of Pan and fall asleep. How can [we] rouse people, make them yearn for something more than pleasant, socially acceptable ways of escaping from life? How can [we] make them want to thrust forward into the unknown, into the world of testing and trusting their own spirit? Oh, how I wish I knew!"

A Touch of Wonder, Arthur Gordon

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New to this...

I am not a blogger.

Well, I haven't been. I've always been jealous of those people who have journal after journal from when they were kids. I would try to keep a journal...but after two or three days, I would be bored with it. Once, I had a journal for three months, but that's the longest so far.

And, to be honest, I just told Becky that one of the (bigger) reasons I am making this guy is because I found a super great template that I loved :)

On a more serious note, I read something last night that may be rolling around in my mind for a long time:
"Did becoming older bring me closer to Jesus? ...I began to ask myself whether my lack of contemplative prayer, my loneliness, and my constantly changing involvement in what seemed most urgent were signs that the Spirit was gradually being suppressed."
-Henri Nouwen, In the Name of Jesus.

I don't want to lose passions, but I don't want to be fleeting, either.
Still thinking...